About Us

Shukri A Rasool Shukri is passionate about everything he does. His zest for life is apparent in the images he takes.

A commercial photographer for two decades, Shukri has built a successful career in a very competitive field by bringing a consistent vision to a diverse client base. As a multitalented photographer his clients range from magazines, Corporates to ad agencies, he thrives on the variety in the projects he tackles. “Every day is something different doing exactly what I love.” Shukri says, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shukri’s approach to each project he undertakes has always been unique. “This is what makes working with Shukri Fun as well as Exciting as we are guaranteed excellent results” says one of our Esteem Clients. he takes out everything that isn’t absolutely necessary, until the only elements that remain are those which are entirely essential; the best photographs are usually the simplest and sometimes you only have five or ten minutes for one setup, the idea is to turn that hurried energy into something dynamic that comes across live on camera.

Clients have often commented on Shukri’s energy and enthusiasm and he credits his success to an absolute passion for what he does and a highly proactive approach to every aspect of his work.