Shukri Photography - Images that make Your Mark

Business Vision and Values

This website is solely designed to communicate Shukri Rasool’s 3 core Foundation on the basis of which he conducts his day to day activities.

Creativity - A true creative vision over a range of specialties that transcends the simplicity and limitations of a simple clean style.
Consistency - The ability to deliver strong imagery in every setup, and to plan and maintain a thematic look appropriate to your particular project.
Credibility - Two decades of experience as a working professional photographer with the ability to maintain long term relationships by providing quality and expertise delivered on time and on budget.


Shukri Photography is a full service commercial studio. Shukri is equally comfortable both in studio and on location, and shoots for a diverse range of clientele. In business, as a working professional photographer since 1989, Shukri understands that commercial photography is first and foremost about meeting the needs of the client and how to best accomplish that.

Costs and Budget

Shukri's rates are based on the type of job, how the images will be used, the time involved, and the level of difficulty. Assignments are on a quote basis for each job. You will find the costs are appropriate to the specific project.

Shukri quote’s many of his projects on a flat fee basis to keep the process as simple and predictable as possible for the client. We understand your need to know a fixed cost in advance, rather than to find yourself subject to unknown expenses and time. Shukri understands the key components to good business relationships are simple. We do what we promise, for the cost we promise, deliver the best work possible, and do it on time.

Some clients with relatively smaller needs have been concerned that the rates would be outside of their budget. They have often been pleasantly surprised to find that our quotes are professionally competitive. Please call to inquire yours.

Location and Travel

Shukri frequently travels around GCC on assignment at reasonable rates.


Shukri works on both simple and complex projects, and can handle all aspects of your production (such as make-up and hair, prop and wardrobe styling, location scouting, rental and permits, catering, organizing castings, talent, etc.). We believe in making sure all the necessary details and contingencies are covered, while still keeping the shoot as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary costs and complications.